Change of Plans… Not Purpose


Hey everybody,

This past week was the first day of school for most of the families in our church.  On Tuesday I enjoyed scrolling through my Facebook and looking at all of your kids holding their signs announcing their first day of school and what grade they are going into.  My kids finished school a long time ago, so all of your pictures made me smile and reminisce on what those days were like for us.  I know that behind the first day of school pictures was lots of planning!  Trips to the store to buy backpacks and school supplies.  You had to get the kids a haircut and pick out new outfits and shoes.  You had to make the signs and get their lunches together too.  Not that it will happen the rest of the year, but you might have even made breakfast for your kids on the first day.  It may just be the first day of school, but it took a lot of planning and preparing to get ready for it.

Now, the rest of the year begins.  It will probably take some twists and unexpected turns despite your best planning, right?  Knowing that things won’t always work according to plan doesn’t keep you from making them.  And it shouldn’t.  Planning and preparing are good and it always pays off…whether things go as planned or not.

Most of you know I am a planner!  Not only am I a planner, but I am a work a-header.  Is that a word?  Sundays roll around pretty regularly, and because they do, I like to plan out Sundays in advance. Way in advance.  I usually have 6 to 12 months of the teaching calendar planned out at any given time.  That relieves me of a lot of stress.  I don’t have to start from scratch every Monday…there is a plan in place.  And because there is a plan, I usually have messages prepared and ready to go about 3 weeks in advance.  Doing this has been tremendously helpful because sometimes things don’t go as planned.  The person scheduled to speak falls ill.  This has happened a couple of times over the last year.  Not ideal, but since we are prepped in advance, we can just swap weeks of messages and keep ongoing.  The plans move forward with very little disruption.  Most people don’t even notice the change in plans.

But sometimes plans that run amuck are a little more noticeable.  If your alarm doesn’t go off on the first day of school…all the plans you put in place would probably be sidelined, right?  No time to pose for pictures when you’re running to catch the bus!  (If your bus is even running!)  But a disruption in plans doesn’t change the purpose of the day.  You may not get the first day of school picture, but the first day of school would still happen!  Just a little late.  Change of plans, not purpose.

I had big plans for this weekend at Believers.  My friend, Nelson was going to be here to talk about his bout with cancer and how God brought him through what seemed to be impossible odds.

I am quite bummed to inform you that Nelson has had to postpone his coming to Believers.  He is also disappointed.  He has been excited to be here and share his story with you.  But, it will have to wait.  Nelson is immunocompromised from all of his cancer treatments and a recent blood test showed that his white blood cell count is not as robust as it needs to be to travel.  So, with the advice of his doctors, he requested to reschedule his visit.  I’m disappointed, and I know many of you are too.  But, we certainly understand.

So, we have a change of plans…but God has a purpose in the series that we are in that won’t be sidelined.  He will still accomplish all He intends to, it just might look a little different than I thought it would.  This Sunday I will be teaching an important message in our Empowered series that I hope you will make plans to attend.  Then on Friday the 17th at 7 pm we will still be having a night of prayer and worship with a focus on healing.  And then on the 19th, I will be teaching another message in our Empowered series…one that has not yet been written and was not planned.  But I am confident that the Holy Spirit will empower me with a message that will benefit the Body of Believers.  Will you pray for me to that end?

If the last 18 months have taught us anything it’s that much of life does not go according to our plans.  But I take great comfort in knowing that God’s plans and ways are FAR bigger and higher than mine.  I hope that comforts you too.  Whatever this year may bring to you or to your family, put your trust in the God who is bigger than any disruption that heads your way.  Our plans may fail…but our God never will!

Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday!

Pastor Jamey