How can we reflect Jesus?

Hey everybody,

TODAY, Friday, December 3 @7PM is the Christmas Bash at Believers.  Plan to arrive a few minutes before 7 and join in front of the building for the singing of a few carols, the lighting of the building, and a big surprise.  After that, come into the building with your family and friends and enjoy Christmas-themed games, a photo booth, hot cocoa, funny and heartwarming scenes from some of your favorite Christmas movies, and so much more.  Invite some friends to come with you too.  You can incentivize the invite by letting your friends know that anyone who registers for the FREEdrawing could win a Great Wolf Lodge Giveaway!!  How great is that?

As excited as I am for the Christmas Bash this evening, I am even MORE excited that it marks the beginning of a brand new WIG for Believers.  A WIG is a Wildly Important Goal.  If you remember, I wrote about our last WIG early in November in an Outlet article entitled “The Big Miss.”  We had a goal of connecting 235 people to an Impact TEAM so that we could love the 757 well.  We didn’t hit our goal, but we DID manage to connect 180 people to an Impact TEAM, which was really great!

The new WIG says: To love the 757 well, we will engage 500 New People to Believers by Easter 2022.

A goal of reaching and engaging 500 NEW people at Believers. Engaging, meaning that they don’t just come once, but they come, connect, start serving, find community and begin making Jesus #1 in their lives.

That’s a pretty exciting goal, isn’t it?

Of course, the exciting part isn’t the 500 new people engaging…it’s the STORIES that will come with those new people.  Remember, numbers matter because people matter!  This past Sunday I received a note from a person that we reached several years ago, and they shared with me part of their story.  They said:

“Before I found Believers, I had so much pain and hatred in my heart and I had lost my way.  But from the first time in years, the day I walked into Believers I felt that pain and hatred leaving my heart. I have always said that God isn’t what pushes people away from Him, but churches do. I have witnessed that many times.  However, Believers is the warmest and accepting church I have ever been to.”

The note closed with these words, “Thank you for saving my life!”

I can’t wait to hear more of these stories!  This is a worthy WIG, one we should work hard to achieve because so many stories have yet to be told!  So, how are we going to engage 500 new people?  This is where it gets exciting! We will connect with 50,000 people through:

  1. Personal Invites
  2. Servant Evangelism Projects
  3. Big Outreach Events (think Christmas Bash and Fall Festival)
  4. Love Your Neighbor Events

So you see, the Christmas Bash isn’t JUST a fun, family-friendly event for our church family, it is a strategic event to help us connect with people in our community who have lost their way. Help us reach our WIG.  Invite someone to join you tonight for the Christmas Bash and start thinking and praying for who you will invite to the Christmas in Harbourview services on December 23 at 7 PM and December 24 at 4:30 and 6:00 PM.

I’m grateful for you and look forward to worshipping with you this Sunday for the start of our new Christmas series, “The Gift Exchange.”

Pastor Jamey

P.S. Here is a website you can share with friends to give all the details on all things Christmas at Believers.

P.P.S. Did you catch last week’s message?  We introduced this year’s Gift offering initiative, and it is SUPER exciting.  Give it a watch here!