“Good morning, I love you!”


One of my closest friends lives far away from me, so one of the main ways we stay in touch is through the Marco Polo app. We send each other videos – some of them are short, silly, and fun, others are longer, heartfelt, and serious. In one of this past week’s videos, she shared how she’s been going into work (she’s a substitute teacher) intentional about saying, “Good morning, I love you!” to her co-workers; while walking the halls, telling students, “It’s great to see you today, I love you!”; as she passes by their custodial team, “Guys, thanks for all you do, I love you!” Now, if you know this friend of mine, none of this would come as a surprise to you. However, what stood out to me, was that she wrapped up the story saying, “The best part is, everyone is catching on! They’re even starting to beat me to it!!”  


I found myself watching this video with a huge smile on my face. I came into my office, thought about her story throughout the day, and began to wonder, “what makes that story so great?” 


I think it’s the power of being seen, valued, LOVED. I mean we all want that, right?   


There’s a story, in the Old Testament, involving a woman named Hagar. You can read about her starting in Genesis 16. Here’s the gist of what was going on… 


God had made a covenant with Abraham (at the time he was known as Abram) and told him that he would be the father of many nations. Abram and his wife, Sarai (later, Sarah), found this to be a little ridiculous because, well quite frankly, they were as old as dirt. God assured them He knew what He was doing and that they could trust Him. They did…for a little while. See, when things weren’t moving along as quickly as they wanted them to, Ab and Sar took matters into their own hands.  


Sarai decided that since she had been unable to get pregnant, she’d let Ab sleep with her Egyptian servant and have a child through her. Enter Hagar. (I know…this is crazy!) Shock of all shocks, Ab agrees, and Hagar gets pregnant.  


Now, in true Old-Testament-reality-TV-drama fashion, Hagar begins to treat Sarai “with contempt” and Sar blames it on Ab. So, Ab tells Sar that she needs to deal with it…in turn, Sar makes life so awful for Hagar that she runs away. And she doesn’t just leave their compound…she travels, all alone and pregnant mind you, about 75 miles away. While she was resting an angel of the Lord found her and told her that the Lord heard her cries. This was her response:  


“You are the God who sees me…Have I truly seen the One who sees me?” 


Hagar was in a state of desperation; she had to feel like her world was falling apart. And yet, knowing that God saw her, brought her comfort, and gave her direction.  

Friends, the God who saw Hagar, sees you. He sees you in the midst of your loneliness, in the midst of your fear, in the midst of your unknown. He sees you and hears you.  


He also sees and hears your co-worker, your neighbor, your friend…every single person holds tremendous value. Wanna know the best part? We get to be like the angel that found Hagar and tell them, “God hears you! He has a plan for you! You are loved beyond measure!” I mean, whaaaatttt??!! That’s (in the words of the amazing Pastor Doug), I N C R E D I B L E!! 


Easter is right around the corner. Let’s do everything we can to invite as many as possible to come learn all about the God who sees them.  


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Let’s do this!!