Don’t get caught with your pants down!

Hey everyone,

Have you ever accidentally streaked in front of hundreds of people?

A friend of mine who played high school basketball told me a great story about a time when he accidentally streaked in front of hundreds of people. He was not normally one of the starting players, but someone had gotten injured and he was going to be in the starting lineup for the game. After getting ready in the locker room, the team went out on the court for warmups. After several minutes of that, the team went to the bench, the lights in the gym went down, the spotlight came on and the starting lineup was announced to the cheering home crowd. As each player’s name was called they would get up from the bench, and run towards center court while ripping off their warmup clothes revealing their uniform underneath. Once at center court, they would high-five the other players and cheer for the next player announced.

The announcer calls my friend’s name, he starts out towards center court, he pulls on his sweat pants, the pants snap off and…he forgot to put on his shorts! He streaked across the gym floor in his jockstrap and back to the locker room to finish getting dressed for the game! How embarrassing!

Don’t let that happen to you on Easter! I know, you aren’t playing basketball, but I mean, don’t show up for Easter unprepared. The last thing you want to do is arrive on Easter morning without having given any thought to the reason you are compelled to show up for church on Easter Sunday.

What are some things you can do to prepare yourself for Easter, so you don’t get caught with YOUR pants down?

  1. Night of Worship, Prayer, and Communion on Good Friday. April 15 at 7 pm, join us for an evening of worship. A night focusing on the sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf will help to get your heart in the right place. Also, we will have our pastors and elders on hand to pray over those who are seeking healing in their lives, whether the needs be physical, relational, or spiritual.


  1. Read the resurrection story. Luke chapters 22-24, John chapters 18-21, Matthew chapters 26-28, and Mark chapters 14-16. Reading one or all of those passages leading up to Easter will fill you with the gratitude and praise for Jesus that is worthy of an Easter celebration.

Remember, last week I wrote about not letting anyone in our community get caught by surprise by Easter. Since Easter isn’t on the same date every year, it’s easy for someone to intend to go to church on Easter and miss it because it caught them by surprise. I said you could help make sure no one is surprised by Easter by Promoting Easter. Using invite cards and Yard signs promoting the Big Easter Egg Drop and Easter in Harbourview.

I also encouraged you to help us be prepared for Easter by bringing candy to fill the 10,000 eggs and by signing up to volunteer for Easter Saturday’s event.

I want to THANK YOU for helping to do that. We have had hundreds of yard signs and thousands of invite cards leave the building and go into the community to help Promote Easter weekend. As of the writing of this article, more than 7,000 eggs have been filled with candy and are ready for their helicopter flight! So exciting. More than 40 of you have volunteered to help on Easter Saturday too. We could still use about 25 volunteers to help with all the activities on Saturday, if you can help…sign up here.

Now there will be no Easter surprises…for the community OR you. I can’t wait to celebrate Easter with you, your family, and your friends.


Pastor Jamey

P.S. Grab some more invite cards THIS Sunday and let’s make this the BEST Easter celebration ever at Believers!