I want to be whole!

Hey everybody,

Ask me how I’m doing, and chances are really good that I will respond by saying, “Mostly good.”

The response seems to catch people by surprise. I guess most people are expecting to hear a, “doing good” or some other standard reply. So, when they hear “mostly good” I will often have people say, “Mostly good? That’s interesting.” I will then add a little clarification. “Mostly good, meaning there is room for improvement in at least two areas of my life.”

Can you relate to that?

There always seems to be an ebb and flow to life, doesn’t there? I will go through a season where most of my relationships are strong and healthy and I feel relationally whole, but then some things happen that add a strain to my relationships and I can feel the weight of that. I need to put a little work into them or dig a little more to understand what is going on there.

I go through seasons of real joy and peace where mentally and emotionally I feel that all is well…but then I go through seasons where I feel very melancholy or introspective. Sometimes I know why I feel that way, and other times I’m not sure what brought on the blues and I have to work on getting to a better place.

I’ve had seasons where all seemed well for months at a time…but I gotta say, with all that’s been going on in the world the last 2+ years, it’s been a while since ALL was well. It seems that one of the few constants of the last couple of years is that there has been something in my life that has been strained to the max at any given time. Have you felt that? I grow a little tired, but giving up isn’t an option. If you want health, if you want wholeness it takes some effort.

I am SO excited to start a new series this Sunday called Healthy, Happy, Whole. In this series we will be talking about how to find wholeness in life…in ALL of life; physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and relationally! I think the last couple of years have put a strain on ALL of us in ALL of these areas and I look forward to talking very practically about how to find health in all of these areas.

This would be a GREAT series to invite someone to attend with you! You know people who are struggling in their life in some or all of these areas, I know that you do. Inviting someone to attend with you will be an investment in their well-being. They will thank you that you cared enough to invite them to learn alongside of you how to find the wholeness that we are in search of.

Happiness is what everyone says they want. But happy can only be found on the other side of healthy and whole. I’m praying for you this week. Be bold this weekend in your invitations. I believe God wants to do something in us through this series and YOU can be part of what He does!

See you THIS Sunday!

Pastor Jamey