Free To Be Kind

Hey everybody,


We are already halfway through the first month of the New Year. And while we had a little snafu this past week with the distribution of our grocery gift cards, everything is now working the way that it needs to. We’ve already distributed $20,000 worth of food to our community through gift cards; another $40,000 will be going out this coming week – $20k through our local partners and $20k more in gift cards through those who call Believers home.I’m excited to hear the stories that come out of these acts of kindness and love flowing through our community. Be sure to share YOUR story using #GreatGroceryBuyDown on social media!

These acts of kindness were made possible by the generous financial investment of folks at Believers Church, people just like you. Thank you for giving of your resources that allow us to tangibly reflect the giving heart of Jesus in our community. Demonstrating kindness doesn’t always come with a financial cost though. Sometimes it only costs a little bit of time.

January is “Human Trafficking Awareness Month”, and Believers Church is proud to partner with Freekind, an organization that is committed to ending human trafficking right here in Virginia. Freekind is dedicated to providing survivors of human trafficking the support they need to recover from the trauma they’ve experienced. More than that, they unleash the power of kindness to help restore the humanity stolen from them, offering grace to the most vulnerable in our communities as they regain their freedom, sense of hope, and belonging.

If you’re wondering if there is any human trafficking happening in OUR community, then I’m glad you are reading this today. Freekind is currently working with dozens of survivors who are in our jails, navigating the legal system, or simply trying to find support and normalcy as they rebuild their lives. Freekind not only works with survivors, but they also work to prevent others from being trafficked through education and awareness in many of Virginia’s schools with the “Prevention Project Program.”

Would you like to know more about what Freekind does? There is a FREE information meeting being held at Hub 757 on January 31st at 6:30 PM. During this meeting, you will learn more about the human trafficking that is taking place in our community, what Freekind is doing about it and how you can be part of the solution. You can register for this event here.

If you are already excited to get involved in helping Freekind, you can sign up to attend a virtual advocacy training, through Zoom. After completing intensive training and screening, advocates work directly with individuals who have experienced victimization and provide them with the resources and hope they need to experience freedom and wholeness. You can learn more about this program that is starting February 13 by clicking here.

There are so many ways to make Jesus #1 in our community and we are grateful to partner with several great organizations that share our mission. Maybe 2023 is the year that you get more involved and give more of yourself to help others. Remember, 2023 is “The Year of Encouragement” for Believers Church. There is nothing more encouraging than coming alongside others with the kindness and love of Jesus.

This weekend we are continuing our series “Creatures of Habit” and you aren’t going to want to miss it.


Pastor Jamey

P.S. In addition to looking for volunteers, Freekind is also looking for a staff member. Below is a description of the position and instructions on how to apply for it if you think you’re a good fit!

Freekind, a faith-based anti-human trafficking nonprofit and partner of Believers, is currently seeking a full-time Community Engagement Manager. The ideal candidate will have enthusiasm and passion for our mission to prevent human trafficking in the community and serve survivors on their journey to freedom. This position is best suited for goal-oriented planners who prefer to be out in the community meeting and engaging with people, rather than sitting at a desk behind the scenes. This role is responsible for recruiting, retaining, and managing a diverse group of volunteers and sharing our mission and needs with local churches, schools, businesses, and organizations to engage them as one-time or ongoing partners in support of the mission. This role is also responsible for managing two signature events hosted by Freekind each year, a 5K in the spring and a gala in the fall. Prior event planning experience is preferred.

This position is full-time with flexibility for some remote work and the occasional evening or weekend. The work environment is busy, sometimes chaotic, and full of positive energy. Benefits include health insurance, generous paid holidays, vacation, and sick leave.

If you feel like this is a position that would be a life-giving way for you to use your talents for a worthy cause, please send your cover letter and resume to Lisa Kersey by email at [email protected] with “CE Manager Application” in the subject line.