Have You Decided?

Hey everybody,

It’s hard to believe, but the first quarter of the New Year is coming to a close. Can you believe it? 25% of 2023 is already behind us! It wasn’t that long ago that we were making decisions about what we wanted this year to look like, or stated more accurately, making decisions about what WE wanted to be like this year. Three months in is a good time to ask yourself, “How am I doing with following through on my decisions?”

So. How are you doing?

To evaluate that effectively you have to review your goals for 2023. Do you remember what they are? After making goals, did you make decisions that would support those goals? If you’re like most people, your goals involve things like growing in your faith, investing more in your relationships, losing some weight (or eating better and exercising more), building a financial cushion through contributing to an emergency fund, etc. 

All good decisions. Have you followed through?

Last week I came across this excerpt from the book “On Time” by Carole Hildebrand on making better decisions. I have lightly edited it only for clarity. As you read it, ask yourself if you REALLY made decisions around your goals or the things you want to be true of yourself. Dr. Hildebrand says:

“Most of us have weak decision-making muscles. We do not realize what it means to make a real decision. We fail to recognize the force of change that a truly congruent, committed decision makes.

The word “decision” comes from Latin roots, with de meaning “down” or “away from” and caedere meaning “to cut.” Therefore, a decision means cutting from any other possibility. A true decision means you are committed to achieving a result and cutting yourself off from any other possibility.

Committed decisions show up in two places: your calendar and your bank account. No matter what you say you value, or even think your priorities are, you have only to look at last year’s calendar and bank account to see the decisions you have made about what you truly value. See how you have reserved your time. Look at your expenditures. Those are the trails to the decisions you have made.” (Emphasis added.)

I hope that’s helpful as you reflect on the first quarter of this year. But allow me to press you just a little more. When I first started attending church in high school, I remember the “altar calls” with the song “I have decided to follow Jesus” playing softly, and repeatedly until someone would go forward.

While I am not a huge fan of the forced altar call moment, I think it is worth reflecting on the idea of “deciding to follow Jesus,” and all that means. If you describe yourself as a follower of Jesus, have you cut off any other possibility in your life? Have you eliminated those things that would interfere with such a commitment? Have you given yourself completely to follow Him? 

Last Sunday, we hosted a “Discover Church Membership” class, the first offered to those who have completed all four weeks of the Discovery Experience. As people decided to align with Believers, they committed to:

  1. Protecting the unity of Believers by acting in love towards other members.
  2. Sharing in the responsibility of Believers, in part by inviting the unchurched to attend.
  3. Serving the ministry of Believers by being on an Impact TEAM
  4. Supporting the testimony of Believers through giving, attending, and modeling a godly life.

If you call Believers home, have you really DECIDED to do those things? We are in the midst of Lent, an amazing season on the Christian calendar leading up to Holy Week. Now is the perfect time to reflect on your decision to be a follower of Jesus and a ministry partner of Believers Church. Imagine what might happen if each of us actually fully committed ourselves to ATTEND, INVITE, GIVE, and SERVE at Believers this Easter!

I encourage you to do just that. Begin praying NOW about how you can serve. It’s not too late to serve at our BIG Easter outreach, A Groovy Easter Egg Hunt, on Palm Sunday, April 2nd. You can sign up here.

Also, pray about who you can invite to the Groovy Easter Egg Hunt AND Easter Sunday, April 9th. We have an amazing service planned. DECIDE now that you will have someone sitting with you on that day! Pray and invite!

I am praying for you this week as we follow Jesus together!


Pastor Jamey

PS. We will also celebrate Good Friday, April 7th, with a night of worship and communion. Service is at 7 pm. Please put it on your calendar NOW, so you don’t miss it!