A Church Potluck

Hey everybody,

I’m not 100% sure about this, but I think the last time I attended a church potluck was when Bonnie and I left for France as missionaries…back in 1998!! I think it’s past time to bring it back, don’t you? 

If you are 60 or above, put Friday, May 12th, from 5:30-7:30pm on your calendar and join me in the Gathering Room at Hub 757 for a Bingo Night and Potluck Dinner. Full disclosure, I am not yet 60, but I plan to attend!

The Baby Boomers are the generation that followed WWII and were born between 1946 and 1964, which means the youngest boomers are 59, and the oldest would be 77. So…if you are 59 or older, you are welcome to attend this event. Here are a few fun facts about the Boomers:

  • Some famous Boomers are Jerry Seinfeld, Danny Glover, and Barak Obama!
  • 10,000 boomers retire every day!
  • While many boomers are retiring, many others are choosing to work longer because they enjoy good health and productivity.
  • 59% of Boomers say they provide financial support for adult children aged 18 to 39.
  • According to a Google Study, Boomers are “heavy internet users”; they spend more time online each week than Millennials.

I’ve been told that Boomers also like to have a good time and connect with other Boomers. That’s part of our hope for this social event. I hope you will consider hanging out with Bonnie (who is closer to 60 than me!) and me for a lot of laughs, a lot of fun, and hopefully at least one bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken (a potluck “pot of gold”).

Please register for this event on the website or in the Believers Church App under “events.” In fact, maybe you should register now before you forget! 😉 Here’s the link.

See you Sunday for the continuation of our study of the Sermon on the Mount.

Pastor Jamey