The Price Is Right

Hey everybody,

I’ve always thought it would be amazing to be on The Price is Right and hear: “Jamey Stuart, c’mon down, you’re the next contestant on the Price is Right!” And not long after that hearing him say, “A Neeewwww Caaarrrr!”

Winning a new car, what could be better?

 I think I have seen something better than that…a few times. One of those times a family at Believers became aware of a young, single mother, who was going through a difficult situation, and she needed transportation to help change her circumstances. This family went and BOUGHT a beautiful and not very old used car for this young mother, and they remained anonymous. So, all this mom knew is that Jesus saw her situation, and someone else who loved Jesus was moved with compassion to meet this need.

I also saw a young family that was going through a particularly difficult time a few years ago and they came to a Believers FREE Market and were blessed with everything from clothing for their kids, to an almost new appliance. They were so overwhelmed to have so many needs met without having to pay a dime for any of it! They left Believers convinced that people who love Jesus also love them!

The great thing about these stories is that while few of us will likely ever end up on The Price is Right walking away with a new car, ANY of us can play “the blesser” of our community with extravagant generosity. This type of generosity happens through regular giving at Believers, as well as through other acts of generosity like giving to The Gift, our year-end offering, or by sponsoring a kid to camp, or even participating in the FREE Market as a vendor.

The FREE Market works a little like a Flea Market. People who have nice, new, or gently used items, set up as vendors and folks from the community come to shop for things that they want or need. Could be for kids clothing, furniture, dishes, and other home goods, or even something extravagant like a used car or appliances. The difference between this and the Flea Market is that the vendors at the FREE Market GIVE AWAY these items just to bless people in the community.

Our FREE Market is on Saturday, May 20th from 7:30 to 11:30.We want to have LOTS of stuff on hand to bless our community with, so we would really have to have YOUR items there too. Consider getting your entire BeGroup to participate in this fun event. That way you could have MORE stuff and not require as many vendors. Then, even if you can’t be there, your stuff can be, with some of your friends.

Help us in planning for this event by registering as a vendor. You can also get more details by checking out the event in the Believers Church App or website. Here’s a link to help you get registered more easily. Feel free to invite others you know to participate in this too. The more the merrier. The last thing you could do to help us get the word out is to grab a Yard Sign this Sunday that promotes this event to the community we are trying to bless.

For at least one family, Saturday May 2 will feel like winning on The Price is Right, but even better. In addition to getting some FREE stuff, they will get connected with a whole community of people that love them.

Thanks for your incredible generosity. I look forward to continuing our study of the Sermon on the Mount this Sunday.


Pastor Jamey