Holy What?


Hey Everybody,

This Sunday we start a brand new month (and a new ministry year) with a new series called Empowered where we will be looking at the empowering ministry of the Holy Spirit.  Some call Him the Holy Ghost.

Okay.  I know that there are things about Christianity that are hard to wrap our heads around.  Jesus was born of a virgin.  God became man and showed Himself as Jesus.  Then the God/Man died on a cross.  That’s hard to comprehend, but then there was the resurrection.  If all of that wasn’t hard enough to believe or explain, now we’re going to talk about a Holy Ghost?

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Change of Plans… Not Purpose


Hey everybody,

This past week was the first day of school for most of the families in our church.  On Tuesday I enjoyed scrolling through my Facebook and looking at all of your kids holding their signs announcing their first day of school and what grade they are going into.  My kids finished school a long time ago, so all of your pictures made me smile and reminisce on what those days were like for us.  I know that behind the first day of school pictures was lots of planning!  Trips to the store to buy backpacks and school supplies.  You had to get the kids a haircut and pick out new outfits and shoes.  You had to make the signs and get their lunches together too.  Not that it will happen the rest of the year, but you might have even made breakfast for your kids on the first day.  It may just be the first day of school, but it took a lot of planning and preparing to get ready for it.

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