Believers has chosen to partner with ORPHANetwork, in Puerto Cabezas. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere, second only to Haiti.

Their extreme poverty has led to an increase in the number of malnourished children in the country…they are not orphans in the traditional sense, but children who have been abandoned by their parents because they can’t afford to take care of them. Our partnership allows us to serve over 23,000 children being cared for through the local church in Nicaragua.


Kevin and Cheryl Stauffer are missionaries to France with “International Team” and work in The Evangelical Church of Greater Lyon. They were actually assigned to Pastor Jamey (The Stuarts were missionaries in France before Jamey accepted the Senior Pastor role at Believers) when they first arrived in Lyon; Pastor Jamey’s job was to help them get situated in a new country.

Kevin is the Worship and Arts Pastor. He is training other French leaders in the importance of worship and equipping new leaders in how to implement strategies in worship and the arts to reach those in the country who are not yet followers of Christ.


Pioneered by Harry Boliback and Harold Reimer, Word of Life Brazil was the first international outreach of Word of Life Fellowship. With a growing burden to reach young Brazilians with the gospel, the Brazil ministry was officially established in 1957.

Today, the ministry is led by John Reimer and based near Sau Paulo, where it includes a four-year Bible Seminary program with over 200 full-time students, youth camp, the Estancia – a Bible conference center, weekly marriage and family seminars, and the EMME singing group.

Believers has supported John and Eliana for over 30 years, since John served as our Youth Pastor! It continues to be a honor to partner with them as they spread the message of Jesus in Brazil!


Through the adoption of their daughter, Liberty, at age 7, Trent & Amy Pruett saw a need in their community to help older children be given a chance to grow up in the love of the Lord, and believe for their God-given destiny.

Orphaned & abandoned children is a sad reality in Davao.

After the age of 6, many children end up on the streets and are victims of many different forms of abuse. According to the local government, 1 in 20 children are orphanedabandoned, or neglected. We can’t help them all, but by God’s grace, we can love as many as the Lord will give us! Specifically, we feel led to take in children ages 5 and up – the least likely to be adopted.

For more information about the Pruett’s home for children,
Safe Haven, and to learn how you can be a part of their ministry,follow them on Facebook @SafeHavenKidsPH.