The gift 2018

Christmas...the time of year when we celebrate God's tremendous love. A love so great that He gave His Son, Jesus, to provide the forgiveness of our sins which allows us to be in a relationship with Him. Yet, the obsessive gift-giving season that Christmas has become has often pushed God to the sidelines. The Gift offering helps us focus part of our gift-giving back on God, who truly is the reason that we celebrate the season.

One of Believers values is that ALL people matter. 2 Samuel 9 includes the story of King David inviting a societal outcast to eat at his table. It's a powerful parallel to the invitation we hope to extend to our community and around the world. The Gift will provide a seat at the table to ALL people, giving them access to the unconditional love of Jesus!

This year's goal of $50,000, will fund 3 projects:

  • $15,000 to help our partner church. in Lyon, France, secure a permanent meeting place.
  • $20,000 to expand our ministry to the special needs community, including Night to Shine and investing in Sunday space where there is a place for everyone to learn about Jesus at Believers!
  • $15,000 investment to make our space even more conducive to connections and community by putting acoustical panels in The Commons, Gathering Room, and Great Rooms A and B.

You can learn more about the projects here. Together, we will give to The Gift during our Christmas Eve service. However, if you'd like to contribute ahead of time, you can do so during the offering time on Sundays (marking your donation as "The Gift"), via the Believers app, or by clicking on the button below and select "Gift" from the "Fund" drop-down.