Believers Church believes in the next generation! This Fall we have the opportunity to come alongside families in our community by providing a safe place for 80 Middle and High School students (6th-10th grade) to engage in their online learning experience right here at HUB 757. From worship and devotions to socially distanced learning centers and sensory break areas, these students will have the opportunity to learn in an environment created just for them, and you can be a part! Sign up to volunteer or sponsor a student today! The cost per student is $100 per week.


Believers Study Hall FAQ 

With schools moving to an online learning experience this Fall, we want to come alongside families in our community where parents work outside the home, or are working from home but not able to assist their students in their virtual learning experience. Believers Church is so excited to announce that we will be offering a 4-day/week study hall for students, 6th – 10th grade, in the Western Branch and Northern Suffolk Schools, Monday – Thursday from 8:15am – 4:00pm. 

What We Provide 

  • A clean, safe and socially-distant learning environment with designated areas for study time as well as intentional break spaces. 
  • Screened Study Hall Coaches who will provide supervision, care and ensure students stay focused and on task throughout their day. 
  • A powerful WIFI connection so that students can connect digitally with their teachers at their individual schools. 
  • Because students need connection and community, each one will be assigned to a small group of no more than 10 students that will allow for socially distanced peer interaction throughout their 9-week experience at Believers Study Hall. 
  • Students will have an opportunity to connect with Believers staff, spend some time in worship, and learn about a God who loves and cares for them. 

COST $100 per week (payment options will be available as well as partial scholarships, dependent upon need) 

HIGH RISK GROUPS Based on currently available information and clinical expertise, anyone who has serious underlying medical conditions might be at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19. Any student with an underlying health condition should consult their healthcare provider to assess their risk and determine if they should participate in this 9-week session. 

SPECIAL NEEDS We are not able to service students with IEPs or 504s 

HYBRID DAYS We believe that consistency is important for students, therefore a full 4 day/week commitment for the 9-week session is required. 

TRANSPORTATION Families will need to provide their own transportation. 

DEVICES Students will need to bring their own laptop or tablet, headphones, and charging supplies. If you do not have one, please contact your local school for assistance. 

MEALS Students will be responsible for eating a good breakfast and bringing lunch with them. Breakfast and lunch assistance will be available on a need basis. Believers will be providing snacks so that students can refuel throughout the day. 

STUDENT SCHEDULES Believers Study Hall will be supporting the Chesapeake and Suffolk school districts’ virtual learning schedules and calendars. 


SOCIAL DISTANCING In keeping with the government’s social distancing guidelines, students will be meeting in groups of 10, maintaining 6-feet of distance between within each group, and will minimize contact with other students throughout the day. 

MASKS All Believers Study Hall staff and students will be required to wear masks following our state guidelines for this phase. 

TEMPERATURE All staff and students will have their temperature taken before entering the building. If they should show a temperature over 100.4, they will not be able to participate. Our staff will recheck temperatures 1⁄2 way through the day. 

HAND SANITIZING Stations will be strategically placed near all entrances, exits, and in common areas. These will be routinely monitored throughout gatherings to ensure they are always full of product. All stations will contain a product that meets the minimum requirements of 60% alcohol by volume, the amount suggested by the CDC as the minimum amount necessary to be effective against viruses. 

SICKNESS Should your student become sick while on campus, we will notify you to come and get them so that others are not being exposed. 

Should a student or adult attending Believers Study Hall contract the Coronavirus, a notification will be sent out immediately to all families. 

CLEANING All hard surfaces in the Study Hall environments will be sanitized before the day begins with a disinfectant solution approved by the PA Department of Health. Restrooms will be thoroughly cleaned each morning and throughout the day. 

Our HVAC system hosts mechanical ductwork called Plasma Air, an ionization system that kills viruses and cleans the air during the return air portion of the system and has been confirmed to kill the Coronavirus. The air will be cleaned 4 or 5 times per hour as an additional aid in keeping our attendees safe. 

Got Questions About Our Study Hall Program?

For more information contact our NextGen Director Ronda Parin