Current Outreach Projects


Portsmouth Shelter Program Sheds

Do you have a knack for organizing?! This opportunity consists of fully organizing the housing, children’s program, and volunteer sheds in the backyard area of our Portsmouth DV shelter location. Duties may include taking out items that need to be trashed, rearranging items, adding in shelving, and creating a clean walking space for HER Shelter staff to easily access items. To get signed up email Summer at [email protected]

Helping Hands

Support the needs of others in our Believers family through our in house outreach team. Helping Hands Care Provider Form

Be Relational

Part of BEING LOVE is cultivating relationships that can lead people to making Jesus #1. Doing this, in our current climate, can look as simple as calling your neighbor to chat with them, texting encouraging scripture to a handful of your contacts, standing up for justice and being sensitive to what others are going through. Right now, as we navigate reopening, we have the opportunity to reach out and be closer than ever.