What To Expect


  • Parking – We have plenty of spaces but recommend arriving 10 minutes early to ensure a spot!
  • Kid’s Check-in – Welcome to Believers Kids! If you have a child (birth – 5th grade), we can’t wait to meet you! Just head to the BK Guest Services area and one of our amazing impact team members will be there to assist you with a safe, quick and easy check-in!

Come On In

  • The Commonsarea is home to the café (where you can get FREE coffee and treats) and Guest Services Central. Grab a drink, mingle with some friends, and keep your eye on the TVs to know when service is ready to begin. Once inside The Commons, you’ll find the auditorium doors on either side of the water feature. One of our friendly Guest Services members will be waiting to help you find a great seat! This worship experience is for 6th graders – adults. Babies – 5th graders are invited to learn about Jesus on their level in Believers Kids!

As You Leave

  • Guest Central – is the place to swing by to pick up your gift packet as you’re headed out.
    A Guest Services Team member will be there to greet you. Also, if you have elementary-aged kids, we’d love to offer an age-appropriate gift just for them.